Lake Crescent

Returned from fresh family time on the shore of Lake Crescent. Away from internet and unplugged from work for a few days, all there was to do was to listen to each other and splash in the clear lake and dream deep vivid dreams at night. It felt so rare and healthy.

Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hampton records the peace of the tall trees of this area of the world. His sound recordings communicate something of the living silence of this place that resonates with a deep stillness.

Gordon Hempton — Silence and the Presence of Everything

We arrived a few days after the Native American traditional Canoe Journey stopped in at Port Townsend on their way to the Paddle to the Puyallup. In the face of industry ever encroaching the shorelines, pollution and the relentless depletion of natural resources, the Canoe Journey brings together nations and tribes of the West Coast of America in ceremony for the waters that sustain, heal, connect and protect us.

The community, presence and fierce spirit flowing through the quiet wilds of NW America is palpable.

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