Reality Extended

I’ve spent almost a decade working on Virtual Reality (VR) and the integration of touch and I’m happy for this lively interview with Ben Vickers, Jakob Steenson and me on VR in Mousse Magazine this month.  Available to read at Immersence:

In this conversation with Ben and Jakob we discuss forms of animisms arising from technologies, inner space and the wild earth, and the more life-giving paths for Mixed Reality. Jakob is one of the medium’s true artists and Ben fed our conversation and deftly directed the flow with questions on magic and nature .

VR and haptics has come a long way since my first project with VR and touch in 2011. It’s interesting to register all the developments of the last decade and feel how a sensorial mode of communication is rising from imagination – mystic, sci-fi and somatic works have long sung of the potentials – into new systems softwares and real communicative networks. There’s been a lot of claims made for VR in the vast tech Expos and in the hype of the media these last years, so it was good to have a genuinely nutritious and inspiring meeting about VR with Jacob and Ben. I remain quietly excited by the possibilities for work on embodied communications that rejuvenate connection between our sensing bodies and diverse ecosystems. 

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