Time’s round

The silhouette for a hand against Luke Jerram's Moon inflatable
Luke Jerram’s large inflatable sculpture of the Moon, Art Science Museum “Floating Utopias”

We only know each other and the lands we live on over time: more dimensions and details appear with the years.

Remembering to mark the phases of the moon is one of the healthiest habits I learned from my work with WISN. At the full moon and the new moon I go to a river or body of water. I may sing a song or read a poem, sometimes I’m tired and I simply watch the light on the water and take time to reflect and feel gratitude for the completion of another phase. Emptying out thoughts, letting go what does not need to come with me into the next phase. Sometimes I go with friends, or my daughter or partner. I’m finding the practice grounds time, waters time, lets it move with the cycles of the moon, and not like the urgent spin of a hamster wheel.

Time gives understanding that words can not reach or explain. And images too. Images speak. Images compress time in such interesting ways. Circles from Paul Laffoley map the realms of Dante’s Paradiso, condensing the journey into a round. Amanda Sage’s ecological vision communicates potentials emerging out of eclipsed darkness.

Left: Paul Laffoley, Paradiso, 1975
Right: Amanda Sage, A New Dawn, 2017

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