My poem Seachange is featured on the Poetry Exchange as we open to a brand new year and decade.

Wishing you all truth, passion and the powers of transformation and resilience in this decade of radical change.

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Perhaps we are riding the moon’s path

Along the sea edge

Where things are less clear

And more alive?


My heart as full as the sea

Follows the shore line with certainty.

For here is a path drawn by desire.

A route touched by your darkness,

And mine.



Lit up by her generosity,

Touched by the light of strangers

Together with the old smile of wrinkled mountains

And all the living beings multiplying.

Something special grows in the emptiness –

Not innocence returned –

But wholeness,



this night

This Day

On which so many doors fall open.


Let go!

The ocean ever rushes in to fill space revealed

With unforced irrepressible energy.


We can no more control a life’s story

Than we can command the animals

Or hold back the tides

Or ordain the fated meetings of the world.

The door only opens at the right time.


Instead, receive the gifts of sea-change:

Take the moon-lit path along the shore

And meet what’s fresh returning.

At one with Earth’s desires

Awake to everything that’s growing.


The mountain smiles.

She knows

It is more than time alone

Heals shattered pieces:

It is the gift of other beings.

For suffering dissolves

into the fullness of night,

With the memory that the dark bright night

Shines with love.

May all have eyes to see, ears to hear,

This night –

As full as the sea –

Beyond sense and naming.

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